The Family Bible of Stephen Lawton, 1764-1851

I’ve written a lot about the Lawtons.  To be sure, I’ve written about the “Southern” Lawtons.  This line is traced  back, most probably, to Cheshire in England.  Imagine my surprise when I received an email that offered a Lawton Family Bible for Stephen Lawton.

So of course, I call Sugar immediately to tell him of this wonder. I tell him the Bible belonged to Stephen Lawton, and who was he? The person with the Bible is one of Sugar’s cousins, and she wants to arrange for a transport to get the Bible to me so that I can get it to Sugar.

Indeed, who was he?

He’s not in Annie Miller’s “Our Family Circle”.  And Stephen is not a Southern Lawton name.

Now we have a mystery that might not be solvable.  I contacted a Northern Lawton who has written about the Northern Lawtons for years.  He confirmed that Stephen Lawton is indeed a Northern Lawton.

So how did this Bible end up in the South with Southern Lawtons?  I’ll spell it out clearly.

*We’re not sure.*

The Bible was most probably living in Charleston with another Southern Lawton cousin, who may or may not have known that Stephen Lawton was not a Southern Lawton.  She passed away over ten years ago, and the Bible entered into the possession of another cousin who lives in Tennessee, who then recently transported it to her sister in Savannah, who then contacted me to get the Bible to Sugar.  But how did the Bible get to Charleston?

Theories welcome.  And in the meantime, here’s the Family Bible of Stephen Lawton.  I’m sorting out a family tree in an effort to find descendants.  This Bible has an amazing collection of family history.

When you get a chance, do an internet search using the terms “Jacob R. Berriman 1796 Bible.”
























11 Responses to “The Family Bible of Stephen Lawton, 1764-1851”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Love it, Ruth


  2. leo lawton Says:

    Ruth, you are to be commended for your thought and effort in photocopying and presenting this information for the use of all who may be researching this Lawton line. I appreciate it now, and undoubtedly scores more will in the future. Thank you!!


  3. Irene Says:

    Hello. I read one of your blogs about visiting a Baptist church in Savannah. You mentioned a Brister Lawton. That was my great-great grandfather’s name. I saw Rev. Brister Lawton who had been the 7th pastor of that church in the mid 1800s. I wonder if that was my great-great grandfather.


  4. Daniel b Lawton Says:

    I haven’t seen that book in years is the last page in it of the names that came off the Mayflower still in it treasons being camitted by Trump I need more thin a pic of hafe the page to do my programing to reveil my stars again but in court


  5. Vickie Burns Says:

    Ruth, Leo Lawton says to tell you hello and that he knows you can help me. HaHa. I sought him out for help on a Southern Lawton. He says you’re the one! I am a descendent of Joseph Lawton, son of William Lawton and Mary Stone Grimall. I now need to connect Joseph to William properly, to extend my DAR Patriot to William. I am established to Joseph. Do you have the proof needed that you can share with me to pass muster on the English birth, or verification of birth of William, and anything besides the road sign and headstone of William’s death at Edisto Island SC.

    My established lineage goes from Joseph Sowell to Benjamin L Sowell to Ermine Herminia Bagby to Anne Ellen Luther to Matilda Jaudon to Sarah Thirza Pohill to Thirza Eliza Lawton to Joseph Lawton. He is the only son of William Lawton and his third wife Mary Stone Grimall. I only went to 6th GGfather Joseph.

    Now I need to proof Joseph to William, and verify William for DAR standards. While I am certain I am right, DAR requires a bit more evidence. Can you help or provide evidence?

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