Destination Columbia

I’m usually doing the driving on our trips. Sugar is a professional driver, of sorts, but he hates to drive.

And he doesn’t usually take the photos, either, although he did take the one of the Mary Willis Library and a few at the Sarah Hillhouse house.  He’s got potential.

So I’m usually not driving and snapping photos at the same time.  Sugar is the best spotter.  Of signs, and markers, and tombstones, and turtles in the road, he’s your man.  But sometimes between the two of us, we can’t read a sign way down the street when we’re inner-city driving, and I’ve got a trick that helps me, and might help you.

I use the camera on a zoom setting, and take a photo of the street sign, then look at the photo on the camera display.  You can also take a zoomy photo, and then zoom in even more.  This trick came in handy when we were trying to find our turn so that we could end up at our destination.


This photo was taken from two blocks away while we were waiting at a red light.  Pickens wasn’t the street we needed.

We found our street, and wound around a bit more to our destination.


Claussen’s Bakery.  It’s a boutique inn, and you can read more about it here on their website.

And tomorrow?

The South Caroliniana Library!  A LawtonFest!



2 Responses to “Destination Columbia”

  1. Linda Snow Davis Says:

    Hello Ruth, I happened on your blog a few days ago while searching to find out if the William Starr Bassinger’s Personal Reminiscences had been published. I had located the journals at UGA Rare Collections Hargrett Library several years ago and requested they microfilm the collection so I could get a copy.

    Long story short, I have spend the last few days trying to read all of your posts to the blog with great excitement and anticipation of talking with you. I am a 5th great grand daughter of Peter Tondee’s and I have extensive research on my Tondee line, and connecting families include so many of these people you have researched.

    I don’t know if you familiar of Walter Garnett Bassinger Wright of Savannah, or Carl Weeks of Savannah, (both distant cousins of mine, both descendants of Peter Tondee) but the Lawtons, Garnetts, Alexanders, and so many more families are connected.

    You have mentioned several plantations that I am familiar with but have never seen but have read about, and posted much detail I did not have. I have a plethora of data I would love to compare with you. And I have not read far enough as yet, to know exactly who Sugar is to you. Sugar would be connected to me through numerous lines.

    Please contact me I have so many questions and want to share what I have. My email is and I will give you my phone number or you can give me yours, I can call you. I live in Ga. Do you still live in TN?

    Back to reading more of your blog.
    Thanks so much.
    Linda Snow Davis


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