Where Is Colonel Lawton Cemetery? (Part 3)

I stand corrected.

There is a marvelous book of cemeteries and the burial inscriptions.  I went to the local library today to take a look.

What I’m calling Colonel Lawton Cemetery is both right and wrong.  According to the cemetery book, Colonel Lawton Cemetery is the one on the left side.  That’s the overgrown one with some home-made headstones and unmarked depressions in the ground.  Murphy Cemetery is on the right.  It’s the well-kept, well-marked one.

But the death certificate for Wesley Eugene Murphy says that he is buried in Colonel Lawton Cemetery.  His headstone, linked to my finding his death certificate, was my first physical clue that confirmed that this was indeed the right cemetery.

It appears that over time the Murphy family was buried on one side, and the name gradually became known as Murphy Cemetery.  At least that’s the way it looks to me.

The inscriptions that the book gives for Colonel Lawton Cemetery are pretty much what we gathered yesterday.  The book indicates that there are many unmarked graves.

Reader Sharon says to call the new blog “Passing Through” or “Certifiable Presence”.

Now we need a subtitle for the heading.  Like “The documented burials in Colonel Lawton Cemetery”.  You get the idea.


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