Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Father’s Day: 2013 Edition


A lady brought me a little orange kitten with the umbilical cord still attached and eyes still closed.  His little head was elongated like he had recently slid through the birth canal.  I popped him in with the remaining three kittens from the most recent bottle-fed litter.  He snuggled right in.

Sugar and I headed over to Laurel Grove Cemetery even though neither of us has a father there.  To be fair, Sugar has a great-grandfather there, which is not the real reason we went.

We are looking at the crape myrtles, the ones that Sugar cut back earlier this year.  Surely these are the most photographed crape myrtles in Laurel Grove.

Perhaps the ONLY photographed crape myrtles in Laurel Grove.


Big shout-out to William and Alice Garrard.





That wad of sticks, right there, is an actual bird’s nest. Said bird appears to have the same sort of housekeeping ethic as YoursTruly.




Then we went to Panera Bread so that we could sit on the patio with the kittens-in-a-basket and enjoy our lunch.


Doesn’t everyone carry around kittens in a laundry basket?  No one gave us any weird looks, or acted curious as to why we kept peeping in the laundry basket.  They appeared too wrapped up in their own Father’s Day dramas.






Hope your Father’s Day was happy and full of kittens!  What’s that you say?  Not everyone celebrates with kittens?  That is too sad to even think about….


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3 Responses to “Hey, Hey, Hey, It’s Father’s Day: 2013 Edition”

  1. John Says:

    What a sweet story about the Fathers day visit, carrying the basket of kittens. You are a dear to tend to them so. The little orange one just wanted to be loved and belong. You did a fine job. Thank you for posting it. I’ve also tended to kittens at that age, bottle fed, etc. It’s a task but is wonderfully nurturing and bonds you to the. You blog is excellent and full of detail. Keep on posting! Sincerely, John

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ruth Rawls Says:

    Hello, John, and welcome to the blog! The world needs more cat caretakers!


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