When Pups Fly

This morning, I drove on over to Sugar’s grooming and boarding business to help out with all the pups.  They are boarding, in addition to ordinary boarders, a mother dog and her ten pups, aged four weeks old.

I considered pulling right in front of the front door, because the folks that are going to the spay/neuter clinic next door will many times park right in front of Sugar’s business, and take up a spot that rightfully is not theirs.  I thought that I’d claim the spot to save for the first client of the day, but thought better about it because, after all, I’d have to move my car and I might be far too busy helping pups to have the presence of mind to move the car.

So I pulled through and around and parked by the play yard, and stared at the mass of pups already in the yard.


How was this possible?  How did those boarding puppies get outside?  Why were they huddled in a mass outside?  How had they climbed out the window?


Well, this was weird.  I went over to the fence, and saw that I did not recognize them.



One of them growled at me.  Poor scared pups.  I know I look a little rough in the morning, but this was doing nothing for my self esteem.


So perhaps you’ve realized that if I had parked in front of the front door, and not pulled around, I would not have known the pups were in the yard, and I would have let boarding dogs out into the yard.  All the boarders are harmless, sweet dogs, but the pups wouldn’t know that.

People worry about stray animals  bringing disease.  They probably have intestinal parasites, like roundworms, which I learned from an animal rescue specialist about ten years ago – all puppies have worms – but if your dog is on monthly parasite prevention, not to worry.  Actually, the bigger danger is to the pups themselves.  They are too young to vaccinate, and I estimate their age to be younger than the four-week-old pups that are boarding.  I mixed up a concoction of dry kibble, water, and canned food, and they could not eat the kibble at all until it became soft.

After they ate their fill, Sugar and I took them to the animal shelter, and told what little we knew about them, and bade them good-bye.

Far better to fly over a fence than to fly into a river.

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6 Responses to “When Pups Fly”

  1. jillperrycarpenter Says:

    Poor Babies! Thanks so much for being there for them! If you get a chance, pop over to my blog and check my beautiful guy out – he is the love of my life along with my Husband , of course!


  2. Sharon Says:

    You are absolutely right, Ruth, this was the better choice.


  3. bluejena Says:

    Glad that the grace of God led the person who left them to bring them to a place where they would be cared for rather than abandoning them! 🙂


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