Garnett’s Cafe; Or, No, There Is Not A Family Discount

You know those guidebooks that you can get to learn more about an area?  There was one at the B&B.  Sugar found Garnett’s Café, and he was hot to go there.

We decided to walk.  He was then hot in more ways than one.

It’s not very far when you are looking at the map in an air-conditioned room.  It’s much further in real life.

It was a nice walk.  We got to see lots of local color.  Houses, plantings, other people out walking.  It was shady for the most part, but we are getting old, and despite our best efforts, we felt our bones creaking.  Perhaps you heard us.

Our waitress was none other than a Margaret Roane Garnett look-alike, who turned out to be not related at all.  I swear she looked just like Margaret Roane Garnett.



Garnett’s is named after our 103 year
old Grandmother. Her first name is
Garnett. Our Great Grandmother’s
maiden name was Garnett. No, there is
not a family discount.
Park Avenue used to be
known as Scuffletown Rd.



I had the Croque Garnett.  I don’t know what a Croque is, but it was delicious, even though it was wet-looking.  I’m sure that I would not have touched it when I was a child because I didn’t like wet foods touching each other on the plate.  Yes, I outgrew it when I went to college and got away from home.



Yes, that is a beer.  There’s also some yummy black-eyed peas salad.  Everything was home-made, right down to the pickles.

Now we have to walk back to the B&B, passing along Monument Avenue, which has a lot of what?   Boys and girls?  That’s right, you in the back, Monuments!  I hardly have any pictures at all.  The monuments are in the median, and the traffic was whizzing by, similar to when I went out on the two-lane bridge crossing the Appomattox to get a shot of the river, except to the 100th power.  (Look at me, using math in an everyday setting.)








This is sad.  I don’t even know what these monuments are.  I knew when I took them, but now?  Not so much.  I suppose I could go do some research and provide the answers but please don’t bet the farm on that.

So, another good vacation day!  Yay, Richmond.  But y’all, if you go, wear one of those cooling towels.

3 Responses to “Garnett’s Cafe; Or, No, There Is Not A Family Discount”

  1. leo Says:

    The first one is a monument to Jefferson Davis, while the second honors Robert E Lee. I believe they are both members of the Rolling Stones, but not sure.


  2. leo Says:

    I knew better, but got confused. That second statue is in honor of Stonewall Jackson, not Robert E Lee who has a similar one. Stonewall Jackson can easily be read on your photo on the base of the monument. Sorry for my error.


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