From Amelia County To Richmond

After the excitement of finding the Wigwam and not getting apprehended for trespassing, we headed on to Richmond.  We had reservations at the Museum District B&B, west of downtown.

We missed our exit.  Suddenly I realized the area we were in was sketchy, that we had gone far too far, and that we were almost into Richmond proper.  We found ourselves heading on a bridge over the Appomattox James River, and Sugar crowed, “It’s the Mayo Bridge!  That’s my people!”

Yes, of course, he’s related to the Mayo family, too.  And we would not have seen the Mayo bridge had we not missed the correct exit.  He was as happy as a pig in slop over that, but me?  I was nervous that we were stuck on a circular path in downtown Richmond.  We pulled over, and checked the map.  Again.

Somehow we found our way to where we were supposed to be.


We stayed in the garage.


Well, not exactly the garage. It was a cute little freestanding garage apartment.


It was behind the main building next to the parking area. There’s a little porch that looks out on the patio between it and the house.

Y’all, that was a lot of history for twenty-four hours.  I need a nap.


2 Responses to “From Amelia County To Richmond”

  1. Dawn Stanford Says:

    Doesn’t the Mayo Bridge go over the James River? I grew up in Richmond, but haven’t lived there in over 30 years.


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