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February 14, 1884: The Arrival Of Corinne Elliott Lawton’s Picture

July 19, 2013

This next entry is again from the diary of Corinne’s mother, Sarah “Sallie” Alexander Lawton.  The diary is in the collection of Sarah Alexander Cunningham’s Family Papers at Georgia Historical Society.  The reference number is MS 194.


Feb. 12, Tuesday.  Nora & I went visiting

to see Mrs. Garrard, Mrs. Lacuan (?), then

Edw’d Anderson, Mrs. Duckworth & Mrs.

Chisholm & the Jacksons.  I had a very

long & deeply interesting conversation with

(?).  Mrs. Gordon called in the afternoon

& we went to the Geo. Hist. Lecture by Mr.

Meldrim.  Mr. H. Cunningham came

home with Nora.

Feb. 13, Wedn.  Mr. Branolt & Loulie G.

dined here.  Al was suffering severly

with a pain in his arm – after dinner

we had the doctor & the morphine needle.

Prof. White was here in the evening.

Sister Lou took a drive with Nora in the

afternoon.  The Phinisys (?) were at the Screvens.

Nora called there.

Feb. 14.  It is seven years & one month

since Corinne was downstairs in our

home for the last time.  To day her

picture, life-size, has come into the

room she loved so well, & where she

spent so much of her time.

Al is in bed, kept quiet – and cannot even

know of the picture’s arrival.

Here’s a little bit of back-story.  Nora and Mr. H. Cunningham later married, and their only child was Sarah Alexander Cunningham, who donated her collection of family papers to the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah.