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January, 1884, From The Diary Of Sarah Alexander Lawton, Or, A Mention Of William Garrard

July 18, 2013

Here’s a mention of Sugar’s distant cousin, William Garrard, from the diary of Sarah Alexander Lawton, whose granddaughter Sarah Alexander Cunningham donated her collection of family papers to the Georgia Historical Society.  The reference number is MS 194.

(Page 186)

Jan. 14, 1884

Daisy & Nora took a drive.  After tea

A.R.L. & I went to Auntie’s.  Much talk

now about location of Telfair Hospital.

Mr. Nesbit’s failure is announced to day.

Tuesday, 15 Jan.  Therm. 52o

Mrs. Garrard & her son William dined

here.  The young people took tea at

Hattie’s.  I went to see the Ansons

about 12 o’c – went to Auntie’s at 6 P.M.

& at 9 P.M. AR.L & I took a long walk.

Wednesday. Therm 45o.  Raw day. (?)

Barnett is to dine here.  My dear Mrs.

Wilder was here yesterday – very sad, & very


Sunday, Jan. 27.  Therm 35o.

Last Sunday & Monday & Tuesday were

very cold days.  On Monday was the

presentation of a flag to the First Volun-

teer Regiment.  A.R.L. was chosen as

their old commander to make the pre-

sentation – and at 2:45 P.M. the Reg’t

drew up in front of our house.


Remember the Savannah Volunteer Guards?  Sugar’s g-grandfather William Starr Basinger served with the Guards during the Civil War.