January 1, 1881 – Excerpts Of Sarah Alexander Lawton’s Diary

Jan. 1, 1881 –

Cold – rain – sleet – trees hung

with icicles – a rare & pretty sight.

Al moves into his office – his own

Jack has been down to sweep, dust,

& make fires – carrying his lamp

at the same time.  His part-

nership with Henry Cunningham

is announced – also the dissolution

of the firm of Jackson, Lawton, &

Basinger – a very serious & in some

respects, painful & trying event.

The death of Alice Gordon, aged

16, of scarlet fever ending in diphtheria

in New York, has saddened a wide

circle of friends & relatives – broke up

a party to be given by Meta Habersham

last night – & makes us glad (as do

other reasons also) that we are not

to have a New Year’s Reception this

evening, as had been intended at

one time.

It’s been almost 4 years since her daughter Corinne died.  Her diary is still shadowed with images of death and disease and heartache.

The law partnership mentioned includes Sugar’s great-grandfather William Starr Basinger of the Civil War letters and his book of reminiscences.


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