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Another Anniversary Of Corinne’s Death, January 24, 1883

July 17, 2013

The following is from the Sarah Alexander Cunningham collection of family papers, MS 194, Box 2, Diary 1876-1884, at the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah, Georgia.  The diary belonged to Sarah “Sallie” Alexander Lawton, who was the grandmother of Sarah Alexander Cunningham.


(Page 172)


Jan. 24.  This has been a crowded,

worrying day to me, from a thousand

Lilliputian cares – while the Great

Sorrow which the day ever brings to

mind made me less able to bear

them.  It is a lovely day – Nora & I

took our guests to drive.

On Sunday morning, Al & Daisy

returned, bringing Bessie Beckwith.

Ed returned from Florida this af-

ternoon – looking much better.


Friday, 26th Jan –  My birthday.  I

have received sweet presents & tokens of


January 13, 1881, From Sarah Alexander Lawton’s Diary; Or, A Mention Of Mrs. Basinger

July 17, 2013

Mrs. Basinger is Sugar’s g-grandmother, Margaret Roane Garnett Basinger from Virginia.  She and Sarah Alexander Lawton were neighbors in Savannah.

(Page 121)

Jan. 13 (1881).  Mr. Greenough arrived &

stayed with us 24 hours.  That

evening, A. R. L. & I went to see a

spiritualistic performance at the


Mrs. Basinger came over & used

her Electric Battery for Nora, who

had been sick off & on for ten days

with neuralgia.  It gave great relief

& next day I bought a battery.

Jan 18.  I have been to Dr. Haber-

sham’s funeral.

Mr. Kerr commences his minis-

try here, preaching our morning ser-

mon. Jan 9.  His first night ser-

mon was Jan 16 & a good number

of attentive hearers.

Al went to Burnside, Sat. night

15.  Returned Monday morning.

Exciting city election to day.

Jan 15 we had 4 little girls to dinner,

Louise Haskell, Page Wilder, Maggy Basinger & Minnie


Maggy Basinger is Margaret Roane Garnett Basinger’s oldest child, Margaret Amelia.  She was named for her mother, of course, and for Amelia County, Virginia, where M.R.G. Basinger and William Starr Basinger met at The Oaks.

The Oaks was moved almost one hundred years ago from Amelia County to 307 Stockton Lane, Richmond, Virginia.  Spoiler alert:  On our trip to Richmond, we found the Oaks!

January 1, 1881 – Excerpts Of Sarah Alexander Lawton’s Diary

July 17, 2013

Jan. 1, 1881 –

Cold – rain – sleet – trees hung

with icicles – a rare & pretty sight.

Al moves into his office – his own

Jack has been down to sweep, dust,

& make fires – carrying his lamp

at the same time.  His part-

nership with Henry Cunningham

is announced – also the dissolution

of the firm of Jackson, Lawton, &

Basinger – a very serious & in some

respects, painful & trying event.

The death of Alice Gordon, aged

16, of scarlet fever ending in diphtheria

in New York, has saddened a wide

circle of friends & relatives – broke up

a party to be given by Meta Habersham

last night – & makes us glad (as do

other reasons also) that we are not

to have a New Year’s Reception this

evening, as had been intended at

one time.

It’s been almost 4 years since her daughter Corinne died.  Her diary is still shadowed with images of death and disease and heartache.

The law partnership mentioned includes Sugar’s great-grandfather William Starr Basinger of the Civil War letters and his book of reminiscences.