Excerpts From Sarah Alexander Lawton’s Diary, Or The Death Of George Mosse Lawton, April, 1878

The following is from the Sarah Alexander Cunningham collection of family papers, MS 194, Box 2, Diary 1876-1884, at the Georgia Historical Society in Savannah, Georgia.  The diary belonged to Sarah “Sallie” Alexander Lawton, who was the grandmother of Sarah Alexander Cunningham.

(Page 87)


On the afternoon of Wednesday, April 3d,

I was seated in my room reading a

letter from our brother, George Lawton,

dated from our Beldon plantation in

S.C. when a husky voice called me

in an agitated whisper – “Sarah, Sarah”.

Looking up I saw A.R.L. who beckoned

to me with an ashen face.  I went with

him into his dressing room, & he gave

me a telegram which said “The body

of your poor brother George was found

this morning on your Beldon place.

Come up & bring casket for the remains.”

Al & William went that night

to the place.  A.R.L. left this next

evening for the Supreme Court in Atlanta.

Sat. Apl 6, 1878

On Friday & Saturday we had a

great many visitors.  Anne Green took

dinner, Judge Tompkins tea on Friday.

On Sat Cliff & Miss L. Bulloch took din-

ner, & Walton, Mamie & Lillie spent the

evening.  Lulu’s (dress?) arrived to-day.


“A.R.L.” is her husband Alexander Robert Lawton.  “Al” is her son Alexander R. Lawton, Jr., and “William” is her brother-in-law Dr. William Seabrook Lawton.  “Cliff” is her sister Mary Clifford Alexander who married a Hull.  “Lulu” is her daughter Louise Lawton who married a Mackall.  We have no idea where Beldon plantation is.

William, by the way, is Sugar’s great-grandfather; he and his wife Elizabeth “Bessie” Jones Lawton are buried in the mausoleum at Laurel Grove that I’ve written about several times.  Interesting to see him mentioned because we find very little about him compared to his brother A. R. Lawton.


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