Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences

We arrived back in town from our whirlwind LawtonAndBasingerFest, and nothing would do but that we had to go to Savannah.  Sugar was remembering something about the Telfair Museum Historical Marker, and we had to go.  Right now.  WeHadToGoRightNow.

Fortunately, the genealogy addiction that we suffer from can many times be sated by gazing at a historical marker.  See what you think about it.









Created under the Will of Miss Mary Telfair (c.1789 – 1875), the

Telfair Academy of Arts & Sciences opened as the first public

art museum in the Southeast with a preliminary private showing,

February 12, 1885.

After extensive remodeling and additions, with Detief Lienau

of New York as architect, the building was formally dedicated

May 3, 1886.  Among the prominent persons who attended the

dedication were:  Jefferson Davis and his daughter, Winnie Davis;

Charles C. Jones, historian; Gen. A. R. Lawton; Gen. Henry R.

Jackson; Gen. G. Moxley Sorrel; Col. John Screven and Col. Charles


Carl L. Brandt, N. A., served as Telfair’s first Director, 1883 – 1905.

025 – 388             GEORGIA HISTORICAL COMMISSION      1956      


Did I mention that Sugar is related to Jefferson Davis?  Y’all already know about his relation to A. R. Lawton from my last post. 

If he could only remember the story about the candlesticks from Sarah Alexander Cunningham.  I wonder if they belonged to Alexander James Lawton, his g-g-grandfather.  Now that would be a good story.  Perhaps a clever person can decipher the markings on the bottom of the candlesticks.  Hmmm…

I’ll be back in a bit. 


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