Southport, North Carolina

Southport was once home to some of Sugar’s relatives.  I forget which ones, but I can probably sort it out in a bit.

We stayed at a B&B, Lois Janes, that looked out toward the barrier islands.  We arrived at dusk, so all these shots were taken the following morning.  Our room, also named for Lois Jane, was upstairs with a view of the waterfront, and the upstairs hallway opened out onto a balcony.  It was divine.













The last photo above was taken from the back corner of the B&B right before we left.  When we had arrived the night before, we were unloading the magical transport machine (da blue van), and we saw stray cats outside.  Imagine that.

Breakfast was prepared by a chef!  Can you imagine if I ran a B&B and was responsible for preparing the morning meal?  It would most likely be toast and perhaps some warmed-over spaghetti.

We went on a search for a cemetery which was easily found, and there we found…

More dead relatives.  The Smith folks, to be exact.

This trip is far from over.

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