In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: The Obituary of William Starr, January 27, 1858


JANUARY 27, 1858.



again we have the sad duty of noting the de-

cease of two more of our citizens – men esteem-

ed in life, and now that “their eyes are dim and

their cheeks are wan,” their goodness of heart

will be cherished among the friends they have

left behind them.

Yesterday one of our oldest citizens, Mr. Wm

Starr, sunk to that sleep which knows no wak-

ing, in the 93rd year of his age.  He was a man

highly esteem for his gentle and courteous

manner and strict integrity.  Mr. Starr was a

native of Wilmington, Del., but has been a re-

sident of Savannah for the last 60 years.  He

was appointed inspector in the Custom House

in 1829, which office he held up to his death .

We believe that at the time of his death Mr.

Starr was the oldest resident in Chatham


We are also grieved to notice the decease in

prime of manhood, of Dr. Francis H. Demere,

health physician of this port, which occurred

yesterday.  He was a gentleman esteemed by

all who knew him, in the social or professional

circles, and one of those men of integrity

whom a community grieve to lose.


This obituary was almost the last thing in the William Starr Basinger Family Papers.  William Starr Basinger’s mother was Jane Starr Basinger, the recipient of most of the letters in the file, and it appears that everything in the file was her personal collection.

William Starr, the subject of the obituary, was Jane Starr Basinger’s father.

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  1. gpcox Says:

    Great post. [if I can make a slight suggestion here – I would add the Tags: Family History and/or History to help bring your delightful site into the eye of others doing similar work. There are a great bunch of people in that area.]


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