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The Girl Who Would Be 84

June 13, 2013

And now, a moment…

Kate Shrewsday

Tonight, a birthday post.

I have always loved acting.  I had a clever drama teacher, who had a talent for casting. She just knew, not when you’d be good at playing someone, but when you were someone.

The uncanniest piece of casting that teacher ever made was to cast me as Anne Frank.

Even today, I look a little like she might, had she not died. But back then, I was the spitting image of the young girl who has had such a profound effect on history. One night, the theatre packed with parents and onlookers, I read her letters to them. And all of a sudden the world went away and I was there, up in the tiny little space in the building beside the canal in Amsterdam.

And in those moments,  I realised that the most momentous thing about Anne was not her writing style, though it was…

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