In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: William Starr Basinger Writes To His Mother, July 30, 1865

IMG_3387 BasingerWilliamStarr 7-30-1865




                                New York, July 30, 1865

My dear Mother,

                Was released on Tuesday, & went over to Sandusky that

evening.  Stiles would not accept the terms, to my great regret.  On

Wednesday went to Niagara.  Spent Thursday at the Falls, & went that

evening to Lockport, where I spent the night at the house of the broth-

er-in-law of a fellow prisoner.  On Friday went to Albany, & thence on

Saturday by steamer hither.  Found Screven at this hotel, & got some of

his clothes to wear until tomorrow.  Went to hear Dr. Hawke this morn-

ing, & am now about to set out with Screven to take tea with Miss Mar

garet Hunter.  Tomorrow will buy some clothes etc, & sometime during the

week will start on my homeward course.  Screven sends his regards.  My

love to all.

                                Affly yours

                                Wm. S. Basinger




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