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In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: William Starr Basinger Writes To His Mother, July 25, 1865

June 4, 2013

IMG_3386 07-25-1865

                Johnson’s Island, July 25, /65

My dear Mother –

                My sister’s letter of the 15th arrived

yesterday, with the check for $5 in time.  The order

for our release has come, & I leave here this

afternoon or to–morrow for N. York.  I wish you

had explained how the check was obtained,

for unless it was upon my own credit I shall

feel restraint in using it.  I will write you

from N.Y. as to my future movements, so you

had better not write again until you get

that letter.  Those of 15th from yourself & Uncle

C. have also come to hand, also, Eddie’s from

Ft. McHenry.  Say to Uncle C. I will be glad

if he will get up such information as he can

about (?), & the offers the Emperor is reported

to have made, so that I can be delayed as

little as possible after my return in making

up my mind as to my future course.  I hardly

feel as if I were regaining liberty upon leaving

this place.  It seems the last spot of the Confede-

racy.  Here freedom of thought & respect prevail,

& I feel as if I were leaving my country to go

on exile into the world.  But we’ll talk about

these things hereafter.  Love to all,

                                Affly – Wm. S. Basinger

P. S.  On second thought you will be safe in

writing me to Washington to Mrs. Smith’s.