In Search of Lawtons & Basingers: William Starr Basinger Writes To His Mother, July 2, 1865




Have written to & heard from the Joneses & Miss Read, Mrs. Hays (Sarah

(?)) has written to us.

Johnson’s Island, July 2, 1865

My dear Mother, Your letter of 25th & (?) of 15th came this

morning.  I am glad to hear Uncle C & E are both at home.  Do all

you can to induce the latter to find employment as soon as possible.

He must give up, I fear, all his former purposes on that subject.  Yet

it is a great pity, for he is well-adapted, I think, to that profess-

ion.  Something is needed too to lift up the former from the de-

pression you speak of, otherwise you find it.  I presume you have

(?) this seen Powell, Fleming, & Blois.  The latter was the bearer of

letters, which will inform you of my views & purposes.  I can’t

enlarge on them here.  But let me say that you do (?) to what

me to any line of conduct, in which principle is involved, with

arguments of (?) alone.  I’ve quite made up my mind what

to do in that regard, & hope to see you all soon.  All the company of-

ficers have gone from here, & we await now the promised regula-

tions concerning ourselves.  If the promise was (?), it’s per-

formance cannot be much longer delayed.  (?)

stayed with (?) to use his office.  If I can’t get that, I’ll be glad

to have my old one.  Tell J. Screven not to let anything hasty be done

about the (?), as I’ve some (?) on that subject, founded on

the supposition that their continuance as of old is impossible

for the present.  I’d answer D’s letter but for the fear that he could

not receive it.  My love to both of them.  Does Pearson say that the

(?) of Geo. & Tupper (?) & if not, I wish to see about that.

I intend if I can to visit the field where the others (?)

Can you tell me what became of Stiles?  His nephew, the (?), is my room-

mate still, & a most admirable person he is.  I (?) Fleming told

you about my way of life.  Love to all.  Affly yrs, Wm. S. Basinger


(Y’all, this letter is so hard to read and transcribe.  This image, like all the others, are photos made by digital camera of the actual letters, and we are nearing the end of the collection, and my skills are clearly fading.)


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