In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: William Starr Basinger Writes To His Cousin Edwin Pearson Starr, June 1, 1865



                                U. S. Mily. Prison, Johnson’s Island

                                                June 1, 1865

Dear Pearson – I heard a few days ago you are

at Ft. McHenry, but delayed writing because

I was expecting a letter from mother.  It came

today, dated the 15th (?).  She says “Charles is

not yet arrived”, from which I infer he is

expected.  Dillon got home the 14th, on a (?)

but doing well.  Blois died in Washington.  Smith

& Tupper are in hospital at Annapolis.  The un-

wounded men are at Point Lookout.  I heard a

few days ago they were all well.  But did you

ever hear of such destruction?  One loss was 62

(?)  But if destroyed, the Battln finished glori-

ously.  Whatever little (?) annoyance we

may have had, they fade from my recollection

as I think of that closing scene.  Genls Ewell &

Lee desired me to communicate to the survivors

their thanks for what they were pleased to call

their “splendid conduct.”  Write & tell me whatever

you hear from home or of any of our officers &

men.  (?) is here.  I see no prospect yet of release.

I want presented myself a candidate for Mr.

Johnson’s pardon.  But understand that I consider

that fairly an open question.  I blame no one

who does.  But I can’t give you my views pro or

con in a letter subject to surveillance, as it

would probably not reach you.  Remember, in

writing, not to send a page of this size direct

to me by my rank as, Prisoner of War, Johnson’s

Island.  Mrs. Mary A. Smith, (a cousin of your

father), Corner 14th (19th?) & I Street, Washington City,

has written to a friend in Baltimore to aid you

in the matter of clothing etc.

                                                Yours Affly

                                                                Wm. S. Basinger

Lt. E. P. Starr

Pris. of War

Ft. McHenry      


William Starr Basinger does not know that Smith and Tupper are deceased, which we already know from Edwin Pearson Starr’s letter to Basinger’s mother on May 24, 1865.

In the reference to the letter from Basinger’s mother Jane Susan Starr Basinger, she mentions “Charles”.  Charles Henry Starr is her brother, and Edwin Pearson Starr’s father.  Charles Henry Starr dies the following year in 1866.

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