In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: A Letter to Lizzie Basinger From Lizzie Smith, May 27, 1865



                                Washington City, May 27, 1865

My Dear Lizzie,

                In the box you

will find a black skirt.  The plaid

muslin is intended for a lady to

wear (?) with it.  We now regret that we

sent you as light a bonnet for you

may be wearing as deep mourning as

your Mother and Cousin Adeline.  If

you are, write me and I will send

a piece of black silk in an envelope

and you can cover the frame with it.

Virginia went to Baltimore this morn-

ing.  I am sorry she can not see Edwin

but she hopes to communicate with


The white bodice (?) that they wear here

with colored skirts we (?) made in the

old white bodice you will find in the

box.  Mother has I believe told Cousin

Adeline about the making and lining

the black bodices.   We do not wear any

whalebones in them.  I think if you will

all try them that way, you will find them

very pleasant for summer wear.

Mother has written to your Mother

and Cousin Adeline.

I should be glad to hear from

you any time.

Mother and the girls join me in much

love to you.

                                (?) affectionately

                                                Lizzie S. Smith



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2 Responses to “In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: A Letter to Lizzie Basinger From Lizzie Smith, May 27, 1865”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Yes, no whalebone would be a rather pleasant change! I have an old Singer with the original booklet and attachments, one of which is for whalebone inserts.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Sharon, LOL!
      Do you suppose they are mourning for someone in particular, or just mourning over the dead and the lost cause?


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