In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: A Letter To Jane Basinger, May 27, 1865





IMG_3361 (2)

                Washington City                              

                                May 27th 1865

Dear Jane           

                I received your

letter and was glad to hear

from you but sorry to hear

that you were suffering with

rheumatism.  I wrote to Annie

Hoover (?) (they are at Libety Springs).

Jonah has no influence with

this administration and is

very sure that he can do nothing

towards getting the young men

released.  I wrote yesterday

to the commanding officer at

Johnson’s Island and to

William also.  I hope to hear

from him in a few days and

will do what I can to relieve

his wants (that is if they will

allow me to).  I wrote to a

very dear friend in Baltimore

about Edwin.  She sent her

son to the hospital but Edwin

had been removed to Fort

McHenry.  He went there, –

they would not allow him to

see him but said he might

write to him or send him

some clothes.  I made up my

my mind to try to get a fass

from the Sect. of War and if I

could, to take one of my daughters

and go up to see him.  I learned

this afternoon that it was im-

possible to get one.  One of my

daughters went to see Gen. Harden (?)

and he told her he was very

sorry but he could not give

her a pass as the Sect. would

not allow persons to visit the

prisoners at this time unless

they were very sick or very

badly wounded.  He said the

oath would be offered to them

in two weeks and if they would

take it they would be released

Which he thought they all

might as well do, as it was

all over now.  He was very kind

and gentlemanly.  I think it

is likely my daughter Virginia

will go up to Baltimore Monday

and go out to the Fort.  She

can then send a note to him

and wait there for an answer.

If I hear anything I shallwrite you again.

I hope this may find you

up and about.

The girls join me in love to

you.  Hoping to hear from you


                I remain

                                Your Cousin (?)


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