In Search of Lawtons & Basingers: Eddie Writes To His Aunt, May 31, 1865





                                Fort McHenry (?), May 31, 1865

My Dear Aunt;

                I have heard from you

once, which I answered immediately.

I have been compelled to write to our

cousins in Washington, Virginia,

daughter of Mrs. Smith came here

to see me, but was only permitted

to gaze at me in the prison door.

No words passed between us.

She left me a bunchof cigars

and a few boxes of sardines.

Also the paper I am writing

on.  They appear to be very

anxious to relieve my wants.

I have written to Mr Webb

several times but have

received no answer.  There

are fourteen (rats?) in my apart-

ment, the cock-left of an old

government stable – lice and

bed-bugs & rats are largely in the majority.

I am in very good health and

spirits, but no little prospect

of my getting out for some

time.  I have written to Cousin

Peter Pearson to do what he

could for me in Washington.

Have you heard any thing

of father, I anxiously await

some news of him.  Do you

know if Silver Stream is

occupied?  I do not expect

to call it mine again.

The President’s proclamation

is out, but prisoners of war

are excepted from its benefits

while in confinement.  God

knows what will become

of us.  I recd a letter from

Cousin Mary yesterday, said

she had written to Cousin

William – poor fellow.  I feel

sorry for him, if he is treated

as me and I wish I could

open my heart to you now,

but must acknowledge that

I am afraid.  I expect to

send this letter through by

Capt Walker of the 64th Ga

Regt, who will probably be

released this afternoon.

He has been in arrest for

five months with a parole

in his pocket.  There are more

of the same here with on excep-

tion.  They have no certificate

of parole.  Give my love

to Those of my command

that have reached Savh, also

to Cousin William (Basinger?)

and others that may be with

them.  We occupy a room 30 x 20

and not allowed to leave it

without a sentinel, & only one of

us at a time.  We can not

go beyond the door sill.  I

hope you have entirely

recovered from your

rheumatism.  Give my

best love to Aunt & Cousin.

I will endeavor to bear

up under all difficulties

and lean upon One whom

I can trust.  Will you in

your close worship

and prayer meetings, ask

a blessing for your poor

nephew.  Farewell & God be with

us all.

                                Your Aff Nephew


What has become of Mrs. Hugenin

& John Thomas.  If they are

in Savh, give them my best

respects.  Also Jack Dillon

if alive.


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