In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: Eddie Writes To His Aunt Jane Susan Starr Basinger, 1865

The next letter begins a series within a series.  It is written by a mysterious “Eddie” to “My Dear Aunt”.  We figured out that he was writing to William Starr Basinger’s mother Jane Susan Starr Basinger.  We’re guessing that Jane was the holder of these papers that created the William Starr Basinger Family Papers, as so often it is the women that hold on to the paper.





                City Point Va.

                April 15th 1865

My Dear Aunt,

                On the night of the

2nd April Richmond was evacuated

by our troops on Thursday the

6th we were (being the men) over-

taken & badly cut-up.  Our loss

was 25 killed  & 27 wounded.  The

entire division was killed &

captured including Genls Ewell

& Custis Lee.  Our little battalion

behaved handsomely.  I wrote from

Burkeville a day or two ago &

sent a list of killed and

wounded.  I hope you got it.

All of our wounded are at this

place in the Gen. Hosp. of the (?).

At this point we are of common

prisoners of war.  I am

wounded in the left shoulder.

Doing well, I will try and

send you a list of the killed

& wounded of(?) men.  We

do not know how long we

will be here.  It is rumored

we will go to Washington or

will be paroled.  If I get paroled,

I will not know what to do.

Perhaps come on to Savh.  I

am entirely destitute of money

excepting a few Confederate

notes and also destitute of

clothing.  We lost everything.

My watch was taken off after

being wounded.  Would you

write to this place at once

& let me know the names

of some of my relations or

friends that I may call

upon for assistance.  I would

not hesitate to make the (?)

(?) me the names of (?)


I must where he is.

I am told that the Major

with the rest of (?)

are below this point  (?)

of miles he was slightly

wounded in left hand

and side, very slight.

I hope you are all doing well.

You have doubtless heard

of the surrender of Gen Lee

& his entire army.  (?)


letters.  I have (?) will


(?) in the hands of

the Yankees.  They can feel

for a poor suffering sol-

dier if he is a rebel.

                Love to all

                                Yours aff


(?) 2nd section, 5th Corps

Hospital, City Point, Va.



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2 Responses to “In Search Of Lawtons & Basingers: Eddie Writes To His Aunt Jane Susan Starr Basinger, 1865”

  1. Deb Johnson Says:

    Do you think “Eddie” could be Edwin Pearson Starr? Major Basinger called him “Pearson” in one of the letters you recently posted. I have to go look at my tree, but I am thinking they were 1st cousins…

    Love your posts of late. I am still searching for Civil War service info on my GGG William Starr who died 1870. Why is there no war record for him!!!! That’s my quest and I keep hoping your letter transcriptions will reveal something for me. Keep’em coming!


  2. ruthrawls Says:

    Yes! They are first cousins!


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