In Seach of Lawtons & Basingers: 1877 Letter of Condolence from Sarah B. Adams to the Family of Corinne Elliott Lawton

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               Thomasville, Jan. 27th, 1877.

Dear Mrs. Lawton,

                Words seem very

weak & empty as I try to express to you

a little of the sorrow & sympathy that

has filled my heart since I heard of

your loss; – mine too, I must add to

that of many, for the dear one who has

gone home had drawn very many

hearts to hers that are left aching now.

                I know that Father & my sisters will

feel deeply for you all for Death is no

stranger in our family circle, but they

cannot feel as I do who have realized

what she was in herself & the place

she filled, & this I have realized for

years, yet never so strongly as during

my recent visit.  One day when we

were alone together I could not help

telling her how I had felt her

peculiar power for making people

happy merely by her presence, & a

certain influence that was not easy

to define, & I shall never forget how

lovingly dear Corinne thanked me.

                As I have stood by a sister’s grave,

feeling that the wide world did not

contain any being quite so precious as

the one who had left me for a season,

I can truly sympathize with dear

Lulu & Nora, & pray that the comfort

I received may be theirs also, as it

must be when we feel that to those

“in Christ” there is no wide separa-

tion from those with Him, only a

hiding of the loved faces for a little

while that we may better learn how

entirely our comfort is in Him.

                In Mother’s favorite Psalm there are

two verses that Father loves especially

to dwell upon because of their close

connection.  “He healeth the broken in

heart & bindeth up their wounds”

comes just before “He telleth the

number of the stars, He calleth them

all by their names,” as if to make us

see the power of Him who only can

comfort as He afflicts.

                Praying that He will sustain & help

you all at this time, dear Mrs. Lawton,

and trusting that you will not doubt

the sympathy which can only be poorly

expressed, I am

                                Lovingly yours,

                                                Sarah B. Adams.


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3 Responses to “In Seach of Lawtons & Basingers: 1877 Letter of Condolence from Sarah B. Adams to the Family of Corinne Elliott Lawton”

  1. Dawn Stanford Says:

    What a beautiful letter!


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Dawn, I don’t become affected emotionally by many things, but my eyes water up when I read this letter. There are letters written by William Starr Basinger and his 1st cousin Edwin Pearson Starr during the close of the Civil War when they were taken as prisoners of war, and I feel really hopeless when I read those letters.


  2. Corinne Elliott Lawton: Update, 8/8/2013 | Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] A letter of condolence from Sarah B. Adams.  Click here. […]


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