In Search of Lawtons and Basingers: 1877 Letter of Condolence From J. E. Johnston to the Family of Corinne Elliott Lawton



                                102 E. Grace St, Richmond

                                Jan 27th 1877

My dear General,

                We have just

been informed by Dr Willis of the

great calamity that has befall-

len you in the death of your

sweet child – and learned it with

much pain.

                Her lovely dispo-

sition, manners and character

had completely won our love,

and therefore we grieve for her

early death, and deeply sym-

pathize with Mrs. Lawton

and you in your great sor-

row.  And earnestly pray that

our Merciful God will soften it

to you as much as may be.

                Yours very truly,

                J. E. Johnston


Genl A. R. Lawton


You can read more about General Joseph E. Johnston by clicking here.


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6 Responses to “In Search of Lawtons and Basingers: 1877 Letter of Condolence From J. E. Johnston to the Family of Corinne Elliott Lawton”

  1. letterfrombritain Says:

    An absorbing piece of the past, Ruth, thank you!


    • ruthrawls Says:

      There’s so much more! These letters are like little ice chips from a glacier.
      And thank you for commenting, Letter from Britain. The Lawtons came from Cheshire!


  2. Sharon Says:

    I clicked to read about Johnston, very interesting lives and I am so very impressed by their sense of right and wrong, their intellect and perseverance. Admirable.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Sharon, I had no idea who J. E. Johnston was until I searched for him at the address in Richmond. Every little bit of the puzzle has meaning.


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    […] I was/am not a CW scholar.  I had never heard of Joseph E. Johnston until earlier this year when I photographed this letter that he wrote.  Is his name popping up because I recognize it now, or is it just […]


  4. Corinne Elliott Lawton: Update, 8/8/2013 | Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] A letter of condolence from J. E. Johnston.  Click here. […]


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