The Cat at the Laundromat

Sometimes I go to the laundromat.  I don’t have a dryer, or more properly, I have a dryer but no electrical connection for it, so, no dryer.

The weather has been incredibly cold here.  The last few days have been very windy, and that wind, coupled with the cold, cuts right through you.

Yesterday I sat inside the laundromat, knitting a bit while the clothes tumbled around, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a cat in the parking lot.  She was out in the middle of the lot where the cars are, like she was looking for something or someone.  She hunched down against the cold, and the wind blew her fur out straight.

I’ve never seen a cat in the laudromat parking lot.  She didn’t seem feral, or she wouldn’t have been out in the open in the daytime with people coming and going.

I walked outside, and she ran up to me like she knew me.  I petted her and went back inside.

“She’s looking for food,” said the nice lady that works at the laundromat with her husband.  “The other man that works here has been feeding her.”

I told her that I was going to go get some food for the cat, but if the other man was coming with food, I wouldn’t go.

The nice lady said that the man wouldn’t be at work for a while, so I left my laundry tumbling, and drove over to Dot’s Red Dot.


She ran over to the car when I was leaving to go to Dot’s to get some food.

Dot owns a Red Dot store, which in this state means she sells liquor, beer, and wine.  If you are traveling in SC, and you see a sign with a big red dot, you know what that means.  You don’t even have to be able to read.  In the rural areas, sometimes you’ll see a sheet of plywood painted white with a big red dot right in the middle.

Dot feeds feral cats, and people drop off cats that they don’t want, sometimes without telling Dot.  Sometimes they drop off the cat, and then want it back after Dot has already had the cat vetted and neutered.  Dot doesn’t play that game.

I knew that Dot always had cat food handy, and her store was just across the highway from the laundromat.  She wasn’t in, but her husband was, and I asked if they were missing a cat.  He laughed and said that he wouldn’t know how to tell because they feed so many.  He offered me a can of Friskies and a solo cup full of dry, and I set off back across the highway to the laundromat.

When I opened the car door, the cat ran up to me and jumped in the car.  She didn’t know that I had food, and when I showed it to her, she grabbed a mouthful of the dry.

We made our way to the back of the laundromat to a protected corner, and I set the open can down for her.

Tail in air means happy cat.

Tail in air means happy cat.

She ate the entire can and part of the dry.

This kit has so much personality!  She would take a bite of food, then run back to me to say hello and ask to be petted, then run back to the food.

This kit has so much personality! She would take a bite of food, then run back to me to say hello and ask to be petted, then run back to the food.

I asked the couple that worked in the laundromat if it would be okay if I took the cat to the shelter where they could test her, and then get her vetted.  They agreed that she would be better off out of the weather, and the woman said that it would be a blessing.

I called the shelter and asked to borrow a crate or a carrier of some sort, unless the cat cooperated by getting in the car.  Most cats are terrified of the car and will crawl under your feet so that you can’t apply the brake, which is never a good thing.

The cat actually got in the car and didn’t act freaked out.  She explored the car while we drove over to the shelter on the other side of town, and keep in mind that it’s a small town so it was a short distance.  It’s not recommended having a loose cat in the car.  I knew that she could bolt out of the car when I got to the shelter.

She didn’t  bolt, and I went into the shelter for the carrier.  I opened the car door, and scruffed her while she still trusted me to handle her, and popped her into the crate.

The paperwork was signed, and she was the property of the shelter.

She was such a nice young cat, just a little down on her luck when I found her.  She had little lint wads in her fluffy tail, so I’d guess she was sleeping behind the laundromat where the dryers blow out their warm, lint-filled air.

Sugar mildly scolded me for not keeping her.

Today I called the shelter to let them know if she is in danger of being relocated for space, to call me, and I’ll. go. adoptt. her.

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2 Responses to “The Cat at the Laundromat”

  1. Linda T Says:

    That is a beautiful cat. You should have taken her home.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      I know, I know. But she needs to be fixed, and the vet is closed on Wednesday, so I had no where to take her. I can’t take her to the spay/neuter clinic because, well, you know why.
      That’s a good argument, that the cat was beautiful. She is so beautiful and personable that she will probably get adopted easily. I’m just a few cats short of a hoarder, except that all mine are fixed and vaccinated.


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