Ah, corruption.

Knitted Notes

A few days ago the chief executive of Finmeccanica (Italian aerospace and defence firm) has been arrested on corruption charges: he has been accused of paying bribes to ensure the sale of 12 helicopters to the Indian government.

This is MrB’s comment on that case:

“Thanks to those magistrates that demonstrate a sort of absurd self-harm against Italy, we are going to be cut out of the opportunity to compete with other Groups around the world because nobody will ever deal in anything with ENI or Enel or Finmeccanica any more. It’s something that shows a pure masochism… we must be very peoccupated…But these are not crimes! This is, if you pardon me, to pay a commission to somebody in those Countries just because this is the rule in those Countries! We don’t want to pay commissions? Well, we will stay home and we’ll be out of business!”

Is not…

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