Live Oaks & Resurrection Ferns, Part 2

About 2 years ago, I wrote about a post about some local live oaks and resurrection ferns.  You can read that post by clicking here.

Yesterday, Sugar and I were out and about, and we took a leisurely drive home on a road that we tend to frequent, because it cuts through a hunting plantation and the territory is desolate.  At least, *I* think it’s desolate, but Sugar likes the remoteness of it.

There’s a lot of that here.  Hordes of humanity, and then turn down a lane and you are in Flannery O’Connor territory.  She wrote the kind of stuff my mother worried about.  “You better not go there.  Somebody’ll knock you in the head.”  Worry, worry, worry.

There’s probably no more danger of getting knocked in the head on this desolate road than there is in a shopping mall parking lot.  And driving along this dirt road makes Sugar happy, so what’s the harm?  It’s only twelve-ish miles of narrow dirt road bordered by deep ditches.  The craziest things make some people happy.

Sometimes we see the local fox squirrels, which are as big as cats.  If you have never seen one before and encounter one on this desolate road, it’s like you have stepped back into my county’s rodent version of Juraissic Park.  “What was that?  Was that real?”  Occasionally there are deer bounding across the road, and sometimes hunters in trucks, and we’ve even seen gangster-type vehicles with spinning rims.

On this particular day, Sugar asked me to turn the van around and go back to look at a tree.  Well, if we’re going back, I’m taking pictures.  We ended up at a large live oak covered in resurrection ferns.

Sunday morning, February 10, 2013.

Sunday morning, February 10, 2013.









This branch was dead and so were the resurrection ferns, but I still like the shot.






The white building that looks like it’s right under the tree is actually a bit down the road. When we drove past, a man had walked out to the end of his driveway to check out the crazy people out for a Sunday drive. (Hint: it was us.)


I’m glad we stopped.  Today, it’s been rain all day, and the forecast calls for rain for the next two days.  Spring has come to the lowcountry, although it arrived last month after practically no winter at all.  The spring peepers should be out in full force soon from all the rain.

Welcome, spring!

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2 Responses to “Live Oaks & Resurrection Ferns, Part 2”

  1. Linda Smith Says:

    This looks like the road to my Mamas family cemetery, but it is not 12 miles long…have you and Sugar gone to Stoney Creek Cemetary? It is off 17 (Old Kings Highway),,,let me know, if interested and I will give you some directions, and if you go, say hey to Mama and Daddy, and all my great- greats…thought there might be a Lawton, there, but not sure..Lots of Hutsons, Colcocks, , Gregories, etc. etc.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      This is the road from Cherry Point to Switzerland.
      Are your folks at McPhersonville? We went to the church there years ago, without a camera and prior to blogging. I might just make a trip without Sugar. How do you get to Stoney Creek?


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