Sugah’s Mothuh & The Georgetown Rice Steamuh, Part 2; Or the Steamuh Secret Society

I really thought that Sugah was making up another one.  Turns out, he’s not, but I’ve discovuhed that he is a membuh of a cult.  Never fear, it’s not the kind of cult that makes you an outcast of society, but a cult, nonetheless.

He extolled the virtues of a rice steamuh that could not be found.  So naturally I blogged about it.  I heard from enough folks to make me believe that such a thing existed.

Reader Linda S. knew exactly what he was talking about, and said that their steamuh was always a’steamin’ when she was growing up.  Reader Dawn said that she found one in a hardware/variety-type store on the outskirts of Hampton, SC.  I had suspected that there might be one in Wiggins Hardware in Estill, which might be considered on the outskirts of Hampton, so I contacted Suguh’s cousin Bett.  She didn’t know about Wiggins, but had heard that Dobson’s on the Luray-Hampton Road might have one.  Reader David gave me three links to a steamuh up around Charleston way, which meant a day trip, and Sugah couldn’t wait for that.  Rose in Garnett said that she has one that belonged to an elderly lady that she used to care for who is now deceased, and that it makes the most perfect rice.

Sugah called Wiggins, and asked for an old-timey rice steamuh.  (He actually used the word “old-timey”.)  The man said they had a rice steamuh, but it was not the old-timey WearEver.  No matter.  We set off for Wiggins.






The steamuh was exactly like Sugah had described it.  There were no perforations on the bottom of the insert basket, only on the sides, otherwise the rice would fall through.

The man in Wiggins Hardware said that he was unable to get rice steamuhs for 25 years until recently.  He said he even ships them up North.  He uses a rice steamuh himself, and sometimes puts shrimp in the basket to steam it, but I’m not clear if he steams the shrimp in with the rice at the same time.

We had a little extra time so to satisfy my curiosity we drove on out to Dobson’s on the Luray-Hampton highway.  We didn’t even need to go into the store, for there in the window was the exact same rice steamuh.

So yay for the rice steamuh, and thank you to all you folks for all your help!

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4 Responses to “Sugah’s Mothuh & The Georgetown Rice Steamuh, Part 2; Or the Steamuh Secret Society”

  1. Bosun Dawg Says:

    Now I want one. Thanks for the pics I might find one online.

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  2. owltreegal Says:

    I believe you mean, “rahce steamuh.” It looks like a true wonder. Congratulations!

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