Sugar’s Mother & The Georgetown Rice Steamuh

Sugar has decided that he wants to cook and eat more rice.  He wants to get a device that his mother used for forty years.  It’s called a Georgetown Rice Steamuh.

I’ve googled it, looked in kitchen shops, checked out Target, called Kitchens on the Square, and I cannot find a Georgetown Rice Steamuh.

He thinks this might now involve a trip to Charleston and antique shops thereabout.  Has anyone ever heard of a Georgetown Rice Steamuh?

I think he’s making this up.

6 Responses to “Sugar’s Mother & The Georgetown Rice Steamuh”

  1. Dawn Stanford Says:

    I use a rice steamer. You have to shop around Charleston to find one. I did find my last one in a little hardware/variety store outside of Hampton, SC.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Hi Dawn! There’s a hardware store in Estill, SC, that has lots of old-timey stuff, and I suspect there might be one there. Sugar thinks we’ll have to go to Charleston, too.


  2. David Lauderdale Says:

    Here’s what I found last week for a column about the Charleston Rice Steamuh. It names three places to get a close replica of the ones most remember. (Ignore the dumb photo stuck in there by the desk.)

    I found your blog while searching for info on Magnolia Gardens and the Rev. Drayton. Thanks for that.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Hi David! Don’t you just love the internet? And thank you for the link!
      I have a little electric rice steamer that makes only several cups which is perfect for me. Sugar is just about to give in and get an electric model, but I encouraged him to hold out. Because, afer all? Would a day trip to Charleston to get a rice steamuh be a better blog topic than a day trip to Walgreen’s to get an electric rice steamer?


  3. linda smith Says:

    I remember our rice steamuh…….seems there was ALWAYS rice a steamin’ in it………I have wondered perhaps if we were really from the Philipines or china….we loved that rice, and practically ate it 3 times a day………when I grew up to be a big girl……..I finally bought an electric ……..but nothing is as good as that old charleston rice steamuh…tell Sugar to hang in there and wait for the real thing.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Wow, Sugar is telling the truth. My friend Bett is Estill has had one for 45 years. Her mother’s rice steamuh was inherited by a granddaughter. Bett thinks we can get one at Dobson’s on the Luray-Hampton Road, which might be where Dawn of the comments got one. Sugar’s mother’s steamuh was enamel, or so he says, but also at one point he said it was porcelain.
      I didn’t grow up eating rice. We were potato people. Talk to me about potatoes! We could grow and cook some pertaters. I’m happy to learn all this background about cooking rice.


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