Sugar’s Good Deed

Sugar’s BabyDaughter knows a family that needs a good deed, and she proceeded to hammer away at Sugar until he agreed.

They have a dog, which you probably already guessed, and the dog is on a chain.  They really want the dog to be in the house, but he’s an un-neutered male, and he marks territory.

I was surprised to learn that the dog is a Pomeranian.

Really, a Pomeranian, on a chain?

Poms are little guys, although they can act quite ferocious, and the accompanying chain for this particular Pom is a lightweight chain, like the kind we might use for hanging a porch swing.

The house is not completely surrounded by the chain-link fence, but the fence begins at the front right corner of the house by the front door, and encircles most of the lot in a clockwise fashion, and ends about halfway on the right side of the house.  The house is an old one, and was inherited by the current residents.  The original front gate was set into brick pillars, and the original latch system that was set into one of the pillars broke off many years ago, and there’s no good system for securing the gate.

The dog learned that he could push on the front gate, and be gone in search of a girlfriend in an instant.  The owners couldn’t keep him in the house, couldn’t keep him in the yard, and the chain system seemed to be the only solution.

A dog on a chain can easily drop to the bottom of the list of things that need to be taken care of.  The chain was secured to a large trash can in a freestanding garage that had no front door, so the dog had shelter and water, but not much else.  He had a crate to sleep in, but no bedding because he would destroy any bedding that he was given.

Sugar surveyed the situation, and all parties agreed that a gate on the far left side of the house could be added between the house and the existing fence.


As luck would have it, the hole that Sugar dug next to the house could only be dug so far down until he found the concrete footing.  He chipped away at the footing with a metal bar and his five-pound sledge until there was room for the pole to go deeper.


There’s the trusty red and white cooler that goes with us on every day trip.  We got there about 10:15 AM and it was already HOT.  This event happened while we were having that hot spell that lasted several days and got up into the 70’s every single day.


Next, a bag of concrete mix get dumped into a kitty litter bucket for mixing and adding to support the gate post, which you can see has been inserted into the hole next to the house.


Then he adds the other gate post in the hole next to the fence.


The bricks stacked around the base of the pole give an extra element of support while the concrete dries.

We left, and went back the next day.  The owners were not there, but had given us permission to go on the property and finish the job.  (We?  Sugar did all the work.  I stood around and fanned myself.)



After hanging the gate and making some minor adjustments, we stood back and admired the work.


There was a gap between the gate post on the left and the fence, so Sugar took a section of hardware cloth to patch over the gap.  No one was home by the time he finished, so keep your fingers crossed that the dog gets off the chain!


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2 Responses to “Sugar’s Good Deed”

  1. sharon Says:

    You and Sugar are such good animal friends. I truly admire all the “little” things you both do.


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