I Shall Never Speak Of This Again. At Least, Not Today.

Sometimes things work out great.

Sometimes, they do not.

It’s like that recipe that works the first time you try it.

Then there’s that recipe.  You know the one, the one that doesn’t work *AT ALL*, and yet you keep trying it, maybe tweaking it a little here, or changing the proportions there, or attempting it only in the dark of the moon, complete with cursing and muttering and slinging of utensils.

Maybe that last one is just me.


I’m continually amazed that knitted projects turn out at all.  Everyone has those UFOs, those UnFinishedObjects that seem to be doomed from the start.  We can’t throw them away.  We can’t bear to part with them, in spite of the fact that keeping them around is a reminder of our ineptitude.  We have TIME invested in them, and a bit of materials, and perhaps a memory or two.

Sometimes the fear of UFOs cause us not to start a new project.  It’s just going to fail anyway.  You’d think that we’d learn from the last UFO.

Maybe that last one is just me.


LilSis has cold feet.  At least that’s what she says, so she needs some slippers.  I found an awesome slipper pattern online.  It was put online by a woman whose mother knitted countless pairs for decades.

I had all the ingredients and the right utensils.  I knitted blithely along until I realized that LilSis needed to have BigFoot-sized feet to wear these gunboats.

It takes a while for me to catch on, and that’s just not regarding knitting.  I rally onwards to the finish line, only to realize that the finish line is actually somewhere else.

IMG_2729 (2)

Not to be deterred, I decided since this was such a whopper – it’s about 12″ long – that I’d knit the next one in wool and felt it.  Seemed like such a grand plan.  Sigh.


Why, yes, that IS twelve inches long. That sucker didn’t shorten. Instead of a slipper, we have a torpedo cozy.


What a waste of wool yarn.


I have a bad feeling that when the children come to clean out my things when I go to the home, they’ll find this torpedo cozy, and they’ll wonder what it was supposed to be.


Now you see why I’m not publishing a cookbook.


2 Responses to “I Shall Never Speak Of This Again. At Least, Not Today.”

  1. andresue Says:

    lol. I feel your pain. Many of my knitting projects have failed miserably. But, how strange that the slipper didn’t shrink in length at all!!


    • ruthrawls Says:

      For the love of wool. I forgot to put in the “before” photos. It DID shrink two inches! Just go forward in time and look at the next post.
      Thank wool you were there to catch that!


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