Lucille Catches A Break


You might remember Lucille, the ancient pit bull that ended up at Richard’s in Garnett.  She just showed up, like many of his dogs do, and she was old when that happened four years ago.

Lucille has arthritis, like some other of us older citizens (clearing throat here), and she benefits from carprofen, an anti-inflammatory.  However, Richard doesn’t have the resources to provide it for her, and Sugar has been the one to see that she gets it.  He’s also been providing heartworm and flea prevention, but lately things have gotten out of hand at Richard’s.

He’s taken in 15 dogs.

He started with three:  Creech, Little Bear, and Molly.

Over the years he added a few as they showed up.  Some stayed, some did not.

The crew he has now includes Lucille, Lady Jane, Marsha, MoDo, Ziggy, Sweet Tater who was walking along the railroad track, Neighbor’s Dog who abandoned him, Hound Dog with no name, Choco, and two feral dogs that live under the house.  There’s a red pit bull that is living outside his fence.


We back up a few days to a few weekends ago.  Richard called to say that Lucille was dying.

Dying?  Could he be more specific?

It seems that she is dying of arthritis, and that she is rickity and decrepit, and she wants to lie in front of the fireplace or in the sunshine.

So the next day Sugar called to Richard to say that we would be out to pick her up and take her to the vet, and how was she?

“Oh, she’s fine”, was his reply.  Note that this was a daytime response, which is generally different from his nighttime response after he’s had a few.

So, dying, or not dying?  I usually say that we’re all dying, but that doesn’t really qualify Lucille’s condition.  So we went out to check on her.

She was lying against the house in the sunshine, and I didn’t even recognize her.  She was emaciated.  The rest of the dogs were milling around and making a commotion, eager to get the treats that Sugar took.

Lucille could hardly walk, and as we drove her to the vet we conjectured what was wrong with her.  Bad arthritis makes you feel like you want to die, but she wasn’t dying from that.  I guessed that her arthritis was so uncomfortable with the cold weather that she couldn’t get up the stairs into the old house to the dog food feeder, and even if she could, she probably couldn’t compete with the other dogs for food.

We stopped at the grocery store across the street from the vet’s office, and Sugar bought some canned food.  Lucille ate the contents of one large can.

The vet performed some bloodwork, and the results didn’t look too bad, so Novox was prescribed.  While we were waiting for the results of the bloodwork, Lucille ate another large can’s worth.

Both the vet and the vet tech thought that Lucille shouldn’t go  back to Richard’s.   But there were no other options.  Sugar has 7 dogs and 2 cats.  I have 3 dogs, 4 cats, and the feral cat station, AND I live in an RV – there’s nowhere for her to stay and keep warm.  Richard was just going to have to step up and do better.

We took her home, and Sugar talked to Richard, and told him that she needs to eat the canned food that Sugar bought for her, and to take her daily meds.

She goes back in two weeks.



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One Response to “Lucille Catches A Break”

  1. Becky Says:

    Here’s to hoping that Richard takes care of this. One of our three acquired dogs, “Lady”, hasn’t been seen since before Thanksgiving. Not sure if coyotes or a hunter got her on one of her woodsy sojourns. 😦


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