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In Which I Use My Head For A Hat Rack. Sorry, Mom.

November 17, 2012

Reader Sharon wants a hat.

Specifically a red hat with a black band.

This means that said hat must be knitted, then felted, which means it must be made of 100% wool yarn.  More specifically, not the 100% WASHABLE wool that some yarn labels proclaim.

Don’t get me wrong, I love washable wool, although I’m a little bit confused as to how wool, a fiber that felts naturally and willingly, can be made washable.  Perhaps it is a trade secret.  Perhaps not, but it doesn’t bother me so much that I’m actually going to look it up, although looking things up is so easy with my friend Ms. Google.  (Notice I called her a Ms. not a Mr., because she is so helpful and accomodating.)

Colors in yarns follow cycles and trends, just like other fashion products.  Sometimes you can find exactly what you need, other times not.  Fortunately, I found this Paton’s Classic Wool for this project, cleverly named “Bright Red”.  (If anyone knows where I can get hot pink, give me a shout.)

When you knit something that will be purposely felted, it is made giant sized.

Don’t think I don’t hear you laughing.


First one that says they like this style on me gets a smack on the head.


Nice stitch definition, don’t you think?

Next, the same hat after two rounds of felting in the washing machine.

Same hat, I swear it is.


And if you thought that wasn’t fun enough, keep in mind that I’m taking photos of my head.  I’m not using the timer on the camera.  Umm, I *think* there’s a timer on the camera, but I haven’t learned how to use it.  I’m from the generation that uses the microwave to heat water and make popcorn.  No complete meals EVER were made in my microwave, even though my first microwave was a Sears countertop model that was big enough to put a whole turkey in, and the recipe book (yeah, right, like I’m going to use a recipe book for popping corn.) had complete meals with directions on how to arrange the cooking racks and the cooking pans and when to add dishes that needed less time and how long to nuke everything.  Anyway, forget the timer.  I have arms.

Nice foliage.


Try again.




View from the space station.


I’m clearly off-center with this project.


Shows promise, but needs to try harder (straight from the high school teacher’s handbook).


Insert smug smile.

Today, hat model.  Tomorrow, the world.

You!  Over there!  Stop laughing.