A New YARN Shop! (Which was not new. AT. ALL.)

A week ago I went in search of more yarn to finish a project.  While I was at the craft store, I met a woman there who asked me to read the label on a skein of yarn for her because she had forgotten her glasses.

I could have offered her one of several pairs of glasses that were in my purse, or I could have suggested that she get a pair off the sales display to use temporarily, but those things never occurred to me.  I suppose I was secretly pleased that someone thought I knew how to read, but most probably I was most pleased to be able to help someone.

(Yes, I’m *that* person with *that* face.  People stop me and ask for directions, like I know something.)

I explained to her that the directions for knitting the garment on the label said that she would need 2 balls of yarn if she were knitting a small.  The secret code said “2 (3,3)”, and she didn’t know that the first number indicates how many skeins or balls of yarn needed for a small size, the next for a medium, and the last (see a pattern emerging here?) for a large.  It’s a bit alarming that this woman was driving.

She even said that she didn’t know what she was doing there.  She lived in B-fort, about 45 minutes away.  If she didn’t know what she was doing there, I surely didn’t either, and then she mentioned something that caused me to pay better attention.

There is a yarn shop in B-fort.  Not a craft store, but an honest-to-goodness yarn store.  I’d never heard of it.

Last Friday, Old Yeller and I tooled on over to B-fort on the bay.  I found parking nearby, and actually had change for the meter for about 50 minutes, which was good, because that gave me a time limit to get out of the store.  If you are a guy and you could wander through Home Depot for hours, then you’ll know the problem of going into a yarn shop.

It’s called Coastal Knitting, and here’s the link to their webpage.  I found everything I needed.  They’ve been there for three years already.

On the way home I had to drive by the bay, and I could see out my driver’s window that the afternoon sun was shining just so on the water, and I turned the car around and parked by the bay.  Just to make a few photos out the passenger window for you people.





It was such a nice day, that I further attempted to take more photos out the passenger window as I drove over the Broad River.

Very little river, but lots of concrete. The dump truck driver behind me was not impressed with my driving skills.





Pictures of yarns should come later.


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