To Catch A Dog, Part 4

Today was errand day, and Sugar wanted to swing by to feed the two stray dogs on his route. I’ve written about them, and their mother, and their grandmother, several times, most recently here.

When we turned the corner, they were nowhere to be seen.  I was driving and I pulled off the side of the road, as the usual drill, and Sugar got out on the passenger slide to slide open the back door to get to the food to dump out.  He saw a vehicle coming slowly in our direction, and was not sure if he should dump and run, or dawdle until the car went by.  I suggested he act like he was peeing in the woods.  He didn’t seem to think that this was a good suggestion, so I handed him a glass with a little bit of liquid in it, and suggested he throw out the contents, and busy himself with putting ice from the cooler into the glass.  That seemed to be a better suggestion.

The car turned into a driveway further down the road, and now Sugar was worried that they had spotted him and knew that he was their mailman traveling incognito.  He dumped the food out anyway, jumped back in, and we started up, and when we got just past the wooded part on the right, we see…

The dogs lying in wait.

They jumped up and headed over to the food, I turned the van around, and dug out the camera, and managed to snap a few shots of them before they melted into the woods.

I’m headed back to the stop sign after turning around. The dogs have found the food in the usual spot by the wooded area.

We’re a bit closer, and I’m attempting to use the zoom feature on the camera.

There’s an opening in the woods behind the brown dog, and a path where they come and go. We wonder if there’s a shelter for them in the woods, like an abandoned building.

And that’s all we’ve got. They were getting nervous, and keeping their heads down and tucking their tails. Sugar was getting nervous, too. He was afraid that they would go down the path into the woods and not back for the food, what with all the picture-taking..

We thought that the brown and black one was a girl.  Today’s photo confirms that he is not.

It’s a boy!  Or rather now, two boys.  We are sure that they will be mating with females soon, and we know that litters will be on the way, but at least they won’t be mating with each other.

Cringeworthy blog material, but that’s the way it is with animals.

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