In Which There is Knitting and Unknitting

I’ve been working on a knitted cap design.  No, I’m not misspelling “cat”.  Really, I’m knitting caps.

My design consists of a doubleknit brim, and alternating bands of purl and knit, with a finishing crown of 7 sections of decrease which makes a decorative swirl on top.  That knitted decrease swirly thing – that’s courtesy of Elizabeth Zimmerman’s brilliance.  Google her.

I knitted the first cap, or at least I started knitting it, and halfway through, I noticed a misstep, a hiccup, a mistake, on my part.  It was a small, knitterly mistake in which I must have become distracted (oh look!  Shiny thing!), and I slipped a stitch without knitting it.  I have never, ever, done that before, which is a clear indication of my advancing age.  (Look!  Over there!)

I tried to ignore the mistake.  Really, I did, but I have the ability to spot a misspelled word without reading for comprehension, and that singular ability translates into a similar ability to glare at a knitting mistake.  I couldn’t stop looking at it.  I’d twirl the half-finished cap around, daring myself to not find the mistake, and I’d find it every time.  Crap.  I was going to have to unknit the sucker, and reknit.

So I tinked the fabric, which is the opposite of knit, and started again.  I got to within seven rows of finishing the crown, thus finishing the cap, and I encountered a knitter’s nightmare.

I ran out of yarn, and the nearest store with the matching yarn is 35 miles away.  Heavy sigh.  Do I unknit and reknit the sucker ONE MORE TIME, cheating a little by shortening the brim, which will gain me extra yarn, enough yarn to finish the cap with one skein?

I do not.  I instead drive the 35 miles, hoping that they have the matching dye lot.  And they do.  So I bought an additional 2 skeins.

With one skein I finish the cap in question.

BabyGirl loans her head for a photo opportunity.

With the second skein, I knit another cap, shortening the brim a bit to gain enough yarn to make the project a one skein cap.


Aerial view showing the decreases, the only time I use math in real life.

And just to show you how closely I live life to the edge, here’s all the yarn I had left from the one-skein cap…

Less than 12 inches.


And that, my friends, is living life on the edge.



4 Responses to “In Which There is Knitting and Unknitting”

  1. linda smith Says:

    Those hats are beautiful! Do you have an on line shop…if not you should, and you should
    Get them in shops all over…….I know they would sell!


  2. Rayya Says:

    I absolutely love the end product, so colorful and a great pattern. Well done 🙂


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