The Beach at AllJoy

Today we took a little tour down memory lane.

Sugar grew up in B-ton, a little community that had 500 people in it.  Today it has been annexed to death, unless you love subdivisions and outlet stores.  The annexed part now bypasses the once-sleepy village which has also done some growing up.  The closeness of the river has allowed these properties to become expensive.

There’s a point of land with a boat dock and a tiny little strip of beach.  Sugar used to bring his girls here to the beach when they were small.  The beach itself is a shallow protected area on the tidal river, and it’s a perfect spot for the littles.

This way to the beach.

Closer, closer.

This little strip of beach has been used for decades, mostly by the locals.  When this part of the village was being developed, many years ago, folks from the Garnett and Estill parts of South Carolina bought lots and built homes.  Entire families would spend the summers here with the fathers coming and going on weekends.  There are still many old-school types of homes, but some of those have been torn down and bigger, more modern home built in their place.

If you are standing looking at the water, the property to your right is private, and there are sea walls and high fences protecting the property.  Many locals have partied here for generations, so you can understand why the property owners want to keep the revelers at bay.

And where the public beach ends and the private property begins, we see a late-blooming PantyRose.

Enlarge, if needed, by left-clicking on the image.

These folks built up their sea wall and planted pyracantha to protect their property.

Not familiar with pyracantha and its evilly sharp thorns? Then click here.

We got back in the van, and drove to another little sandy lane that connected the main road to the water where Sugar said someone else in the family had owned a property, now out of the family.  You can’t see the house and property that he was talking about, but you can see how the lane opens up on the water, and if you lean in realllly close to your computer screen, and scratch on the image below, you might be able to smell the salt air.  At least you can if you have installed the scratch-and-sniff application on your computer.


I liked this lane so much, I took several photos.  It was a quiet Sunday morning, and few people were about, and you can just stop your car and take photos to your heart’s content.

We headed on to the grocery store by way of another connector to get to the main highway that connects the outlying popular island with the interstate, and I realized that we were on the road where I used to live when we moved here 11 years ago.  I turned in to the subdivision, and drove around the loop until I found the house.  It was much the same, yet different, because the trees had all grown so much and the yard was shady and green.

We finished our errands, and Sugar wanted to head back to our little town by way of the dirt road that cuts through a hunting plantation.  The road must wind along for twenty miles, and sometimes we see deer, or hunters, or fox squirrels as big as a cat.  He likes that road, and I don’t mind it, but I am always concerned about having an automotive breakdown, and there’s no cell service.

Right before we turned onto the dirt road by the plantation, I saw what I thought was a strip of tire rubber in the middle of the road.  I mentioned it to Sugar, who had not seen it, because he was busy concentrating on pouring a canned coke into a glass, and we decided to turn around and go back to see for sure.

The strip of tire rubber began to move, and headed back into the woods.


What a weird outing.  Every day brings something odd.



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