To Catch A Dog, Part 2, Or Perhaps Part 3

Two years ago, Sugar reported that there was a stray dog on his postal route that he was feeding.
Time went on.  She had two puppies, and he continued to feed them all.

After a while, he only saw one remaining puppy and the mother.

More time passed, and he didn’t see the mother any more, only the puppy, who was rapidly becoming a young woman.  We tried to trap her, but she was trap-wary.
Then he saw the grown-up puppy with puppies of her own this past spring.  He continued to feed them.  And then, a stretch of time went by when he didn’t see them at all.

After a few weeks, he saw the mother and her puppies at a new location.  She had moved them at least a mile away to a safer area, still on Sugar’s mail route.

One day, he saw the mother lying by the roadside ditch, looking quite deceased.  She was in someone’s front yard, and there were people about, and he’s quite worried that someone is going to complain to the post office that he’s leaving food by the side of the road, because people will complain about *anything*, and he doesn’t want to jeopardize his job.

After that, he didn’t see her any more.  But he did continue to see the puppies who were rapidly growing.  They live in a wooded area across from a cattle pasture.  There are houses within sight, but also safe places where the pups can go.

Last week, he had a day off and wanted to go put out food for the dogs.  When we turned the corner onto the road where they hang out, they were lying down waiting for him, even though we were there hours before he usually gets to that spot on his route.

I’m driving, and we’ve turned the corner onto the road where the dogs hang out, and there they are, just enjoying the day as only feral dogs can.

Then I hold the camera in my left hand out the open driver’s window, and squeeze the button.

The female is on the left and the male is on the right. This is a zoom photo, still holding the camera out the window.

The male is more shy, and cannot maintain his gaze.

There were three pups originally, but now he only sees two.  Of course, one of the two is a female, so this cycle will probably continue, until we figure out how to break it without getting shot.

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