More Dead Packetts

Clever reader Leo and I had an email discussion about Lillie Rogers Packett, and the fact that she has no early existence, at least not that we can prove.  Tim Packett, now deceased, couldn’t prove it, and I’m afraid that I can’t either.  Where in North Carolina did she come from?  Who were her folks?  Which leads us to the question:  What if she wasn’t a Rogers?  So maybe we’re just looking for someone who doesn’t exist.

Her son James Packett thought her maiden name was Rogers, and told his wife so, because it’s his wife Ruth that provides the information on James’s death certificate.  What if Grandma got it wrong?

Oops, didn’t.

Here are the death certificates that I can find for James Packett’s siblings.  They all list the mother as a Rogers.

Here’s the 1st child, Joseph Lafayette Packett.

Joseph Lafayette “Fate”, the oldest., 21 Oct 1884 – 10 Jul 1950.

This is the second child, Amanda, who married first one Richard Underwood.  I had a hard time finding her marriage certificate because the magical program that translates old handwriting into legible English translated a sloppily written “Packett” as “Pochliztgh”.  I love this stuff.

Amanda Packett Dell, 2nd of 6, 5 Mar 1887 – 21 Oct 1952.

Next child was John William Packett, who was born 14 Oct 1889 and died in February 1966.  The state stopped these handy death certificates in 1958, and went to the Social Security record system which does not show this info unless you send off for a copy of the original, and that costs money. I actually clicked through about a dozen screens in the process right up to ordering it, and I stopped at that part where it said it would cost $25.00.  You know that feeling, right?  Naw, stopping here and backing this horse up.  But you can’t actually back up until you get back to the screen.  Because the screen stops at the ordering screen, even though you left-click, oh, a half-a-dozen times in an effort to get back before you catch on that you have to go back to the home page.  Bastards.

The fourth child was my grandfather, James A. Packett, and you saw his delayed birth certificate and his death certificate from the past few posts.

The fifth child was Belle, born about 1892.  She’s another mystery woman.  I can’t locate her past the 1910 census, but I’m working on that, so just give me a minute.

And here’s the sixth child, Zola Packett O’Neal, who was ill for a year before passing away.

Zola Packett O’Neal, 11 Jun 1896 – 22 Jul 1924.

I also have the added bonus of Zola’s obituary, brown from age.

This leads me to believe that Belle Packett was already deceased because she is not mentioned in this obituary for Zola Packett in 1924.

I wouldn’t have found that Amanda Packett married Richard Underwood without this obituary.  I certainly wouldn’t have found her listed as “Manda Pochliztgh”.

And, just for fun, I’m throwing in none other than Hester Delilah Lily Lila Lula Lillie Rogers Packett’s death certificate.

Daughter of Jim Rogers from NC. That’s all I’ve got. Y’all take it and run with it.

Rogers, over and out.

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