James Packett’s Certificate of Death, Part 2

I should just post a photo of myself smacking myself upside of the head.  You can then interpret if the correct caption should read “Eureka!” or simply “Dummy.”

The death certificate that I just posted for James A. Packett has his year of death as 1944.  I just now saw that.  It never registered that the BigBroBob was born in 1945, so he definitely was not in the hospital being a babe wrapped in swaddling diapers.

But here’s the bigger issue:  Why did I not catch the fact that the Cert of Death said 1944?  Because I did not need to verify that the year was correct, and I merely overlooked it, because I KNEW that my grandfather died in 1945.  How could I know that?  I wasn’t even born, was I?

Because his cemetery marker  says “Nineteen hundred and FORTY-FIVE”.


Woopsy to the marker people.

And I said that it’s easy to make a mistake on paper in an office setting.  So I’m guessing that the marker was ordered long after his death, and somebody got the year wrong, perhaps on the paperwork.  Because it’s just so easy to get your husband’s death year wrong.

And here’s proof…

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