W. C. Eblen: Request for Presidential Pardon

As usual, when looking for something, I find something else equally, if not more so, interesting than what I was looking for.

Here’s W. C. Eblen’s request for pardon from the president for his part in the Confederate Army.

Slightly tardy.

Charleston Tenn

Apil 28th 1866

Hon. Andrew Johnson


                             I am impelled by

duty as well as inclination even at this

late date to solicit your pardon for the

part I took in the late rebellion.  And

in humbly seeking your clemency, only

submit the statement of your old friend

Genl Gamble of Polk Co Tenn

                   Very Resp

                             Your obt Servt.



Hon. Andrew Johnson President

                   Dr. sir:  I have known

your petitioner for twenty years, and know

of not one act of his life, by any means reproa-

chable either before or since the war.  He

was one year in the rebel army, after which

time, he was not engaged in the service.  While

in the service, as Captain he committed no

violence to Union men of which I have ever herd

charged.  Since the return of peace, he is as before

a quiet law abiding citizen.  On these

grounds earnestly ask the favor

                             Very truly

                             James Gamble


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