An American Educator: Mary Humphreys Stamps

I like to trace genealogy lines for people.  For myself, I haven’t found anyone of remarkable note, like criminals or politicians.  My folks seem to be ordinary folks living ordinary lives as best they could.

Sugar, on the other hand, has all kinds of fascinating people on both sides of his family, and he has accumulated papers, documents, and photos of some of them.  He recently reframed his grandmother’s diploma from her college graduation.  That’s devotion, and really, who else is going to do it?  We do what we can where we can.

Sometimes he tells stories about his ancestors like he know it to be the truth.  I’m always amused.  How could he possibly know the story of how his great-great-grandmother Mary Humphreys Stamps went to retrieve the body of her husband who was killed in battle during the Civil War?

Because he’s got a memory like a steel trap.  And I don’t mean that once it’s closed, you can’t get anything into it.  I mean his brain grabs onto stuff and doesn’t let it go.  Lucky for us he dug this out of his stash.

Thinking of you readers, who, like me, love this stuff.  It makes me aspire to better things, and to basically just shut my mouth and soldier onward.

As always, you can left-click on each image, and yet once again if you so desire, to enlarge and enjoy.  Keep in mind that this is an electonically produced image of a scanned image of a copy of the original.  Not bad stuff, indeed.

When I read the article, I used an exaggerated Southern accent.  It will be even more fun if you bat your eyelashes and drop an occasional curtsey.

The Century Illustrated Montly Magazine, 1909








I’ve had this article for 4 days, and have only just now gotten it online.  Every day Sugar asks me if I’ve put it online.  Funny thing about that, he’s not worried if it gets online or not, he’s worried that I will lose the article and he won’t get it back.

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6 Responses to “An American Educator: Mary Humphreys Stamps”

  1. Sharon Says:

    Thank you, Sugar, for the loan of this wonderful article. It is interesting how we sometimes mistakenly think “strong women” did not occur until the “liberation movement” (I would argue THAT title!). No, it seems the strong and admirable women are those that make the best of adversity.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      She was an amazing woman, wasn’t she? And all that without the benefit of air-conditioning…


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Sharon, you will love this. I got into his van a few days after I gave the article back to him, and there on the dashboard is the article. I had put it into a zip lock bag for safe-keeping fortunately, but still. There it sat. I accused him of leaving his grandmother in the car for a week. He was chagrined, although she was no worse for the wear.


  2. leo Says:

    I, of course, stole copies of this.


  3. Benjamin Grubb Humphreys, 8/26/1808-12/20/1882 « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] Remember this girl?  That’s right, she’s none other than Mary Humphreys Stamps.  Her father was Benjamin Grubb Humpreys, and he’s a great big heap of history. […]


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