“THE ORANGE AND BLACK”, November 13, 1935

Here’s a copy of the Lenoir City High School Newspaper dated November 13, 1935.

The newspaper just barely fits on my scanner, and the first page didn’t fit very well at all.  So this post is a bit of an experiment, and I’ll post the first page in two sections.   The remaining pages will be posted as they were printed, and it’s possible that a bit of the edges gets cut off.  You should be able to make out what the words are, but in truth, I don’t think very many people will be clamoring to read this newspaper, what with the limited readership and all.  We’ll see what happens.

As usual, you can left-click on any image to enlarge, then left-click yet again to enlarge even MORE!








Can someone tell me why Dykes Service Station is paying “good cash prices for furs and hides”?

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2 Responses to ““THE ORANGE AND BLACK”, November 13, 1935”

  1. leo Says:

    Surely you have heard of fur coats, leather shoes, and other products made from furs and hides. Local trappers, hunters, etc usually sold to a local buyer that was a representative of a fur wholesaler. The wholesaler set the prices and paid the local agent. The wholesaler in turn sold his supply, usually at a huge fur auction to the furrier or other craftsman that made the final product for retail sale. I would assume the owner of Dykes Service Station was the local agent for some wholesaler. This system is yet in use in our area with most furs ultimately journeying to fur auctions in Canada.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Yes, but I’ve never heard of a fur coat made from possum and squirrel. It just startled me to see a fur trader in my little town.


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