The Robert Cemetery in Robertville, SC – Part Two

More cemetery goodness awaits.

In Memory Of
Mrs. Cornelia Emily Riley
consort of Dr. Edward Riley
born Dec. 12, 1815
died Oct. 27, 1839

(Oh.  I apologize for my feet in the photo.  I couldn’t straddle this tomb, so I tried standing to one side and randomly holding the camera over the tomb, and this is what you get.  I suppose I could have cropped my feet out, but the photo angle is all wonky anyway, so.  Whatever.)


Relict of the late John H. Robert
Born 2 Nov. 1780 Died 30th Oct. 1852.
She was a worthy member of the
Baptist Church for many years
Previous to her death & died trusting
Her everlasting redemption to the
Mercy of her Saviour.
Bright be her resting place.
She was a most self-sacrificing
& devoted Mother. All her own
Comforts, pleasures, & enjoyments were
Never considered or thought of by
Her when they conflicted in the
Least with those of her children.
The recollection of the nobleness
Of her soul & the truthfulness
Her unerring heart shall live
Sacred in memory
Tho’ the curtains of death be drawn
Around her & the portal of the
Tomb be closed.
This small tribute of love & reverence
Is raised as a memorial of
Her worth.

The left side of a smaller monument.

BORN JUNE 13, 1822.
DIED MAY 31, 1897.

Our darling.
On Earth.
Oh! God,
Unite us in the
Spirit Land.
Our Hearts lie
Buried here.

To the Memory of
Son of
John H. and Catherine
E. Robert.
Born July 22nd, 1876.
Died January 6th, 1886.
Aged 9 years 5 Mo’s and 15 Days.

John Robert

John Robert
of Blackswamp So. Ca.
who departed this life
24th February 1826
aged 83 years.
He was born on Santee S.C. in July
1742, but for many years has been a 
respectable Citizen of Blackswamp
& one of the pillars of the Baptist
Church of that place, of which 
he became a Member in 1789
of which he was also a Deacon
for a long time previous to his death.
He has left a large Family
to represent him & to
mourn his loss.

This view shows the other side of the marker in the previous photo, and the footstone “J. R. 1826”, for John Robert, died 1826.

This next marker was just about impossible to photograph.  There was a metal fence support directly in front of the writing, and the swirled colors of the stone really make for some complicated reading.  This is for Mrs. Elizabeth Robert, consort of John Robert.

And here’s the last one of the evening…

Remember man as you pass by,

As you are now, so once was I,

As I am now, so you must be,

Prepare to die and follow me.



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