The Robert Cemetery in Robertville, SC

On Friday, August 9, 2012, I was transporting a mother cat and one of her kittens back to their home.  That’s a long story, so I’ll try to make it short.  A family in the next county needed help transporting their mother cat and three kittens to the spay/neuter clinic.  I agreed to transport two at a time.  I was returning the mother and the biggest kitten, and was pootling along in the car, when I saw a road sign that looked familiar.  Suddenly I realized that the sign was for the road where the Robert (Roe-BARE) Cemetery was located.  That meant a side trip was in order.

After dropping off the cats, I headed back to the Robert Cemetery.

First I turned here.

Then I turned here.

And almost immediately on the right is the cemetery.

Sugar and I visited this rural cemetery once before.  Before that, we looked for it but couldn’t find it.  We finally found it when we went looking at a time of the year when the foliage was less dense, and Sugar spotted a tall monument gleaming beyond the trees.  (He’s a good spotter.  He spotted a box turtle today on Main Street, and we scooped it up and took it to a safer place.)

I started taking photos on the far left of this entrance and worked my way through the entire cemetery.  It was early afternoon, and the day was muggy and humid.  This cemetery has been maintained for the last year by a group of folks who contributed money for the cause.

This cemetery has grave markers that are headstones and footstones.  Some of the headstones have inscriptions on the side facing away from the grave.  I’ve seen this arrangement before in other old cemeteries, and it always leaves me a bit discombobulated, because I’m not exactly sure where the caskets are buried, and I certainly don’t want to walk on a grave.

Robert Lewis and Peter Lewis share a common headstone. Robert’s footstone is on the left and Peter’s footstone is on the right.

Robert Lewis

Peter Lewis

Robert and Peter Lewis’s headstone.

Robert Lewis

In Memory of


who died

in Robertville, S. C.

Sept. 8, 1825 in his 30th year

A native of Liverpool, Eng.

Peter Lewis



who died

in Robertville, S. C.

Sep. 22, 1825

in his 31st year

How swiftly pass our years,

How soon their night comes on.

A train of hopes and fears,

And human life is gone.

M. E. H.
Mary Earl
hoe monumentum eri
gitur cara filia e bery
amun et Julia M Holt
que infantia reliquit
hume mundum doloris
et marentes parentis et
regiontus felecilatis at
angeli abut
Estates – XVII menses el
XXIX dies

Richard Franklin Bostick
Isabella Robert
the former aged 20 years and 6 months
the latter 17 years, 9 months, 10 days
both perished at sea on Steamer Home
on passage from New York to Charleston
Oct. 9, 1837
Their bodies were recovered from the wreck

The Robert Monument

Here’s the tall marker that Sugar saw through the trees.  These gravestones are only a fraction of the markers in this cemetery. 

To be continued…

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8 Responses to “The Robert Cemetery in Robertville, SC”

  1. How Far Is Too Far? « Ruthrawls's Blog Says:

    […] So the cats get to stay in their home, the family gets to enjoy the cats that are now speutered and vaccinated, The Intermediate Couple gets good karma for a good deed, and I got in a little side trip to the Robert (Roe-BARE) Cemetery. […]


  2. Jud Taylor Says:

    So glad I stumbled upon this. My gr-great grandmother was Laura Delta Robert.


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Hello Jud, and welcome to the blog!
      We went to the Lawton & Allied Families Association family reunion last month, which is yet to be blogged about. One of the events was a trip to the Robert Cemetery, and there are more photos!
      I don’t know Laura Delta Robert, but Sugar says that she is in the Annie Miller book “Our Family Circle”, and he will look her up.


  3. Jud Taylor Says:

    Hi, Sugar’s correct about “Our Family Circle” that belonged to my gr-grandmother’s, Matilda “Tillie” Laura Hall. She’s the dau. of Laura Delta Robert who married Wilson Edward Hall..
    Laura Delta is the daughter of Lawrence James Robert and Matilda Rebecca Polhill. Lawrence is the son of James Jehu Robert and Phoebe Miranda McKenzie. Does anyone have photos to share? I have some info and a very few photos to share. Laura Delta’s photo is somewhat dark. Also have Mary Phoebe Robert dau. of Benjamin F. Robert, Pierce Robert, Alex Robert, Fred L. Stewart, Stewart men: Ben, Perry, Fred & Robert. Plus memorial cards for Fred L Stewart and Lawrence James Robert.-Jud


    • Jud Taylor Says:

      Ruth, I have not seen or heard from your blog since July 21, 2013. Do you or does anyone else blog about the Roberts or Lawton’s anymore? I would love to keep in touch with up-dates and new family sharing. Laura Delta Robert’s daughter, Tillie Hall, was a DAR and I’m fortunate to have inherited her research treasures.
      Jud Taylor

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ruth Rawls Says:

        Hi Jud! I still blog a bit about the Roberts and Lawtons. If you are on Facebook, I can add you to a secret group for sharing with other family researchers. Keep in mind that this group is not for everyone; it’s multi-cultural, and some people were not comfortable with people of different races being in the group.
        And perhaps you should blog?!


  4. maureen Says:

    Thanks for the story and photos! I’m researching the Scott family in the area. In 1790 Census they are listed as free people of color. I’m so glad when history can be captured in a photo.


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