Biggie Shell, April 20, 1869 – April 15, 1915

In the old section of the Lenoir City Cemetery is a small marker in the shape of a heart.


A tender Father

and a  faithful  friend


I just love that sentiment.  “A tender Father”. 

I can’t find out very much about Biggie Shell.  In 1900 he worked in as an iron ore worker and lived in Roane County, Tennessee.  He died in 1915 of pneumonia, according to his death certificate, in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  The informant on his death certificate appears to be that of his wife “Lina” (the handwriting is difficult to read – it might be Lena). 

I think that I’m a pretty good researcher.  I can find some interesting stuff on the internet.  And at the beginning of my separation from Mr. X, I dug up enough stuff on him that the judge, in the beginning of the court process leading up to the divorce, declared in an official court document that Mr. X was guilty of adultery with Ms. X.  Most of the time, according to one attorney that I consulted, you have to have pictures of the offending parties.  I didn’t even have pictures, but I had *stuff*.  And every genealogist know that court records are an invaluable source of information, so I thought it was pretty sweet that the judge spelled it out. 

I, however, in the case of Biggie Shell, have failed.  I can’t find out squat about him.

Except that he was a tender Father, and a faithful friend. 

Good night, faithful friend.  Sleep well.


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