Thomas Morton Yearout, 1892-1934

My last post was about the City Cemetery in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  I started taking photos in the old section which has graves of some of the oldest residents in the area.

The old section is a steep hill that ends with woods at the bottom of the hill.  I read somewhere that Town Creek is off in those woods, but I could not see it from the graveyard.  I’m confused about this section of the graveyard.  A lot of the graves face down the hill towards the woods and away from the road.  There’s no roadway at the foot of the hill, and the graves that face the woods are facing northeast.

I was actually looking for the grave of Merah Yearout, but I decided I’d start with the old section and see what I could find.  I didn’t know the names of any of these folks and a lot of them were children.

I went on to the next section, and I finally saw the name Yearout on a gravestone, but it wasn’t Merah.  Turns out, it was his son, Thomas Morton Yearout, and I found that he died young.  He worked for the Lenoir Car Works in the foundry, and he had a heat stroke at work, and he also had a brain tumor.  I learned this from his death certificate.

He was taken to Ft. Sanders Hospital in Knoxville after his heat stroke on July 11, and died in the hospital one month later on August 11, 1934.

I’m grateful for air-conditioning, and I’m grateful that I don’t work in a foundry in July.

Did you notice that his wife is not buried next to him?


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  1. Linda T Says:

    For some reason I could not see the photo you posted


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