We Interrupt This Blog, Year 2

Last year I drove 800 miles for lunch.

This year I drove 825 miles for lunch.  I must have drunk more coffee on this trip, and needed to make more pit stops.


Please ignore the “FREE” sign in the window.  We might be cheap, but we are not free.

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3 Responses to “We Interrupt This Blog, Year 2”

  1. Terri Dye Says:

    Great seeing you at the luncheon. I liked the comment about to ignore the free sign in the window. lol, Terri Dye


    • ruthrawls Says:

      Terri, I was quite horrified when you told me at the luncheon that you read my blog. I suppose I should be honored, not horrified. So, thank you! I am now honored that you read my silly little blog.


  2. Linda T Says:

    I am really glad you are willing to drive the 800+ miles for lunch. Maybe next year we can do something afterward besides scatter to the wind.


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